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Running Up a Better Return on Your Lifecycle Investment

April 5, 2010

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You probably wouldn’t run a marathon without training for it first, right? Safe to say you’d try jogging a few times before embarking on the full 26.2-mile run?

Completing a full lifecycle assessment (LCA) is a bit like running a marathon. It’s a lengthy, resource-intensive process, and it’s best to be armed with a strong understanding of what you’re getting into before begin.

Lifecycle work is still foreign to most people, and to make matters more complicated, the industry is constantly evolving. Although full LCAs are becoming more commonplace in corporate America, many companies — particularly small- to mid-sized manufacturers — are still wrestling with how and where to start.

One strategy for overcoming those initial obstacles is to employ an incremental, phased approach to lifecycle work. Targeting a smaller component of the product lifecycle can help companies predict the level of effort required for a full LCA and can still yield real value for a business, so long as the objectives and boundaries of the assessment are clearly articulated at the project outset.

LCA objectives will be different for every company, so start by asking some strategic questions…

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