Kicking Off the Year with Green Resolve


In the United States, the most popular New Year’s resolutions fit into a few predictable categories: getting fit, saving money, reducing stress, and getting organized. Unfortunately, environmental sustainability doesn’t even grace the list of the top ten most common resolutions.

Imagine what a huge impact we could have if everyone added just one “green” resolution to their list (and then kept their promise!) This year, identify one pragmatic step you can take to reduce your personal environmental footprint. Your resolution doesn’t need to be life-changing, but it should be meaningful and make a measurable impact. The New Year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

Here is a short list of ideas to get your creativity flowing!

  • Pledge to take alternative transportation to work at least once a week
  • Skip the daily disposable coffee cup by making java at home
  • Finally get around to planting that garden in the spring
  • Call your local utility to arrange for a home energy audit
  • Reduce your shower time or invest in low-flow faucets and shower fixtures
  • Purchase a basket for your bike so you can run errands without burning fossil fuels


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