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Introducing EcoHive!

October 13, 2010

Paydirt is thrilled to announce the launch of EcoHive – an internal, sustainability-focused web portal that inspires education, collaboration, action and, most of all, real business results.



The portal was developed in response to several sustainability trends that we’ve been tracking with our clients and in the broader marketplace. We’ve seen many organizations struggle with how to educate and engage employees in sustainability, outside of the members of the core “Green Team.”  We also know that more and more companies are interested in moving past one-way corporate communications to leverage the creativity and ideas of their employees as part of the sustainability planning process. However, many lack the technology or communications platforms to facilitate a meaningful and authentic dialogue.

 The Portal

EcoHive is our educational, collaborative solution to those real-world challenges. Based on an organization’s sustainability goals, EcoHive’s enterprise-facing Web portal not only informs employees, it engages them in that organization’s sustainability vision and strategies, inspiring them to learn, act and innovate.

The Content

The portal’s eco-educational content guides employees on a journey to discover how environmental sustainability can save money, improve efficiency, drive innovation and identify new opportunities at their company. Each awareness-building and action-inspiring module includes quiz questions and exercises to test the employee’s proficiency in the concepts presented.

The Network

EcoHive is designed to inspire conversation and collaboration among co-workers. From an idea board, to an internal blog, to an eco-friends page, EcoHive is socially sound with fun ways for employees to connect, share and commit to new habits.  

The Partnership

Paydirt has partnered with frank, a talented team of interactive marketing, authentic branding and organizational effectiveness experts, to bring organizations this powerful social media platform. For more on frank, visit

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