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The Power of Team: Strength and Solidarity in Sustainability

July 26, 2010

Looking for a fun and unexpected way to spice up the next summer gathering with your employees, customers or volunteers? Sick of the same old idle icebreakers and tacky teambuilding techniques?

This time, try adding an eco-themed challenge as a means to strengthen team relationships and enhance the overall event experience! Put environmental policies and promises to work by pitching in for a river, park or wildlife restoration program. Or leverage the power of competition by hosting a geocache or scavenger hunt highlighting natural resources and conservation strategies.


Gaining the Eco Edge

July 21, 2010

The following is an excerpt from my recent article for B2B Marketing Online.

Even in the midst of significant global momentum, most businesses aren’t capable of being transparent because they simply don’t have the necessary data. Many companies don’t have the internal systems and controls in place to establish a reliable performance benchmark, while others are challenged by decentralised operations.

Due to its role as both the creative nucleus and public face of the company, marketing departments can play an integral role in building internal and external momentum for sustainability programmes.

The first step to implementing an effective environmental programme is to educate and engage internal audiences. Marketing professionals can help to build a case for sustainability and empower other employees to actively participate in decreasing the company’s overall environmental footprint.

In addition to playing a key role in educating internal audiences about the value and requirements of a sustainable workplace, marketers can also help to capitalise on those programmes with external stakeholders.

A distinctive corporate sustainability programme can be a powerful market differentiator and hook for strengthening and expanding relationships with existing customers. Sustainability is also a potent tool for reaching out to environmentally savvy prospects, so marketers should work in close collaboration with research and development divisions in their companies to ensure that sustainability is factored into the design of new product and services.

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