Beat the Heat this Summer!


Air Conditioning FanDid you know that the average home spends about $1,900 a year on energy costs?

Although it may seem hard to believe, it’s finally warming up here in Minnesota, and many of us will soon be revving up our energy-guzzling air conditioners for the first time this year.

Here are a few easy ways to save energy and money while still staying cool this summer!

• Replace your air conditioning filters on a monthly basis: Dirty filters restrict airflow and cause the system to run longer and less efficiently.

• Use ceiling fans to supplement air conditioning use: Ceiling fans can help cool your home by creating a low-level “wind chill” effect throughout a room. Consider an ENERGY STAR® model for maximum efficiency.

• Turn up your thermostat: Set your thermostat to 76–78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees or off when you’re away. A change from 73 to 76 degrees could save you up to 30 percent on your cooling costs this summer!

• Seal your ducts: On average, leaking ductwork accounts for 25 percent of home cooling costs. Have your ducts tested and any leaks or restrictions repaired by a qualified contractor.

• Consider “cool” exterior finishes: Use light-colored or other cool roofing and siding products when replacing your roof or painting your house.

• Install window shading: Use trees, plantings, patio covers, awnings, and solar window screens to shade your home from the sun.

• Invest in a new air-conditioning unit: If your air conditioner is on the way out, purchase an ENERGY STAR air conditioner. A new, high efficiency, 13 SEER air conditioner uses about half the energy of a 15-year-old air conditioner.



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